Tax Arrangement and Financial Plan

Tax arrangement and financial project

We provide efficient services to assure clients’ profit and help them to fulfill their tax responsibility. With our services, client will not only avoid paying unnecessary expenses, interest and fine, but also have an accurately calculated budget in advance for tax payment. What’s more, we will furnish you with technical advices in:

Tax Legislation and Supervision

We offer efficient and prompt tax services and keep you updated instantly with any changes in legislation. In this way, clients will be exempted from any unnecessary fine and be prepared for any possible influence as a result of the changes.

Tax Representative

To help clients who might not be familiar with all tax legislations, we could be your tax representative to prepare Tax Computation, assist client to answer the request from Inland Revenue Department and appeal if needed.

Tax Supervision

We can help clients to timely provide all tax related documents to Inland Revenue Department which will help client to avoid any unnecessary payment and predict a financial budget.

Tax Project and Interest Tax

Apart from tax supervision, we offer other additional services such as making tax strategy to find deductible tax allowed by legislation. However, the work of making such a strategy shall be done before the end of the year or restructuration. Below are the factors that shall be considered:

  • Time of income and expenditure
  • Capital expense
  • Transfer price fixed by Headquarter
  • Payment to employee
  • Dividends, salary and bonus
  • Group tax strategy



Income tax

To fill in the tax form, we offer clients guidance and suggestions to help you obtain in a legal way tax exemption and avoid unnecessary tax payment.

Personal comprehensive taxation

We will go through client’s financial situation, especially companies of unlimited liability. We will give suggestion on how to benefits from all tax exemption policies or preferential rate, for married couples in combined or separate taxation report to save unnecessary tax payment.

Below are frequently asked questions we often help client to resolve:

For companies

  • Are we paying too much tax?
  • When shall we pay the tax?
  • Is it better to open more subsidiary companies?
  • Could we change the financial year ended?
  • Could we pay less tax now?
  • Could we pay less tax for the coming year?
  • Could we benefit tax exemption or reduction if we have donations to charities?
  • How to prepare a most effective tax plan when cessation of business?

For individual clients

  • Can I transfer part of my income to my spouse to benefit his/her allowances?
  • How do I benefit from tax policy?
  • How can I benefit the unconditional holder?
  • Can I benefit a reduced tax rate for non-cash income?