Financial Accounting and Forensic Accounting

(1) Accounting

We take care of all size of business in their financial management.

For companies where there are no accounting personnel, we can offer stable and long term accounting services including: prepare balance sheet for the purpose of annual taxation, salary calculation, make suggestion and proposal to improve financial operation. As for clients who have their own accounting staff, our services will help you to improve management and financial benefits.

What our services offer more is a real time connection with the actual financial budget and prediction. In this way, we could analyze the data and financial condition to adjust companies’ strategy.

– Prepare monthly, quarterly and annually balance sheet

– Computer accounting

– Issue invoice on behalf of clients

– Design internal control system, make financial regulations and brochures

– Definition of accounting and responsibility

– Suggestions of accounting software and usage


2) Forensic Accounting

Our activities follow strictly all the professional regulations, criteria and moral standard stipulated by HKICPA. We preserve our independence in our work and keep confidentiality for our clients. The balance sheet and all relative account figures presented in our CPA report reflect the actual earnings of the company and its accurate condition of assets and liability. We have a long term experiences serving clients from different business including individual entrepreneur, cooperative companies, trading companies, real estate investors, retailers and others) and we possess a comprehensive expertise to offer to our clients.

Apart from the Audit of Financial Statements, we could also execute special auditing as per clients’ requirements such as auditing the account of purchased assets or any of its account of ongoing business.

Beside above activities, we offer additional services to help clients to improve its earnings and operational efficiency, these services include:

– Improve both internal and external supervision system

– Obtain more valuable information for key persons

– Assist in fund raising

– Strategy consulting

– Help management to make critical decision

– Restructuration of company / future project

Financial Accounting and Forensic Accounting Service to be provided by Ray W.H. Chan & Co.