Secretary and Consulting Service

(1) Secretary and Consulting Service

We provide quick and efficient secretary services and keep clients updated with new regulations. Clients will not only be informed to have first-hand information and avoid any unnecessary fine, but also remain flexible for any future change.

We provide not only company registration service for all kinds of business. We also have expertise in stock share valuation, purchasing new business, merge and acquisition, company’s restructuration and etc.

Other administrative services

–  To present at board or shareholders’ meeting

–  Prepare meeting briefing and report

–  Comment and opinions on business contracts

– Court case support

– Presenting in Creditors’ winding up meeting

– Liquidation of Company

– Voluntary restructure and closure

–  Service of nominee shareholder or nominee director

–  Registration address in Hong Kong

–  Secretary services

(2) Cancelation of Company Registration

The person in charge is allowed to cancel the company’s registration and license if it meets one of the following conditions: not listed in stock market, no operation and no liability. A company’s person in charge cannot remain idle without taking care of the operation of the company hoping the authority will automatically remove company’s registration. Failing to submit the annual balance sheet and the other necessary documents, the company as well as the person in charge will be held responsible and pay a penalty. The whole cancelation process takes about 9 months.

The person concerned, who provides false documents, incorrect declaration or misleading information provided during the cancelation process, will be held responsible and to pay a penalty or in serious cases, serve a prison charge. A company who plans to enter into such a process shall consult a professional accountant or experienced lawyer for technical opinions and expertise since he might need to handle complicate situation such as taking care of the remaining assets of the company.

Who can apply for such a process?

  • A company or
  • A company’s director or a shareholder

The requirements for the cancelation of registration

  • A consensus of all shareholders on the cancelation
  • No business has ever been done or has stopped at least for six months before the cancelation
  • No unsettled debt and
  • The company shall have obtained the “letter of non-objection of cancelation” from the Inland Revenue Department

(3) Register a Company in Hong Kong

You could have all kinds of companies in Hong Kong according to your specific business plan.

  • Overseas branch
  • Limited company
  • Association/non-profit organization
  • Sole investor
  • Proprietor

Since most of the clients prefer to set up a limited company, we will provide detailed information below for your reference. Our expertise and competitive price is the reason for clients to choose us. We will take care of all documents preparation at clients’ requests whose only work is to provide relative documents and signature.

(4)  To Set Up a Company in Mainland China

Investors can set up company or open representative office in Mainland China. All activities shall comply with the Chinese regulations and legislations. Before officially approved, a company shall provide investment project to local government for evaluation. Different companies differ in their share of property thus possess different proportions of profits on import products and domestic sales.

  • Foreign Joint Venture
  • Foreign Cooperative Venture
  • Foreign Wholly Owned Enterprise

Overseas investor can set up Representative Office (RO) in major cities ( Shenzhen, Canton, Shanghai and Beijing) in China serving as correspondence for business and operation, product promotion, technique exchange and consulting service. However, a representative office is not allowed to practice any selling activities.

(5) To set up an offshore company

Through International Business Company (IBC), one can have fully control of their whole property and assets with complete privacy. We are specialized in open up company in BVI. However, below offshore companies are commonly seen as well. To give our clients maximum convenience, we could set up offshore companies at clients request in Samoa, Marshall Islands, Bermuda and Mauritius.

(6) Registered address and virtual office

We provide additional services as indicated below to meet specific requests from clients, especially those startups and overseas companies. By combining the services offered below, you can create your own virtual office.

Register address in Hong Kong:

Company registered in HK shall provide an address for correspondence with the local authorities according to local regulations. Hence, our address service can help those:

  • Overseas companies who don’t have an address in Hong Kong/for business purpose
  • Startups who need an address for company’s correspondence
  • Startups who prefer a low cost operation
  • Companies whose strategy is to have an address in HK

Business address in Hong Kong:

Using our business address on your letter head or envelope will demonstrate a more localized image and we will forward all letters and documents to your designated address.

Personal line/ Fax:

We can provide personal fax line service and voice record system. The system will automatically transfer all messages which will be sent as emails to your designated address (Fax-to-mail or Voice-to-mail service). Clients can receive at any time new fax to your own machine in Hong Kong.

(7) Bank account Service

We recommend you to have an account in Hang Seng Bank limited (member of HSBC), The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) or Shanghai Commercial Bank for their international reputation as well as an excellent e-banking services which is simple to use. E-Banking services cover from settlement of payment, exchange of various currencies to payment transfer.

Banks in Hong Kong will not expose any individual information to a third party without consent of the clients. However, at the request of Inland Revenue Department and the HKSAR government, the bank will provide information concerning tax transaction or any illegal activities records to the authorities.

Please be noted that to open a company’s bank account, clients need to be present in person in Hong Kong which takes at the most one day.

For any reissuance of e-token, password or debit card, clients will have to be present in Hong Kong.

(8) Entrance Service for investors

Advantages of Hong Kong

  1. HKSAR benefits a highly independence in its legislation as well as in judicial power, executive power and legislative power of adjudication.
  2. Private property is under protection of SAR legislation.
  3. All Hong Kong residents are equal in front of the legislation. Those who have permanent residence has right to vote and be voted.
  4. As Hong Kong resident, they possess the freedom of speech, publication, news, organization, assemble, reunion, demonstration, communication, religion, free circulation and marriage, last but not least, the freedom of joining in the union and of strike.
  5. The greatest achievement of education system in Hong Kong is its free basic education for all and a guaranteed quality of higher education.
  6. SAR government makes it an obligation to maintain a basic living quality for every resident.
  • Other services

We have acquired comprehensive experiences thanks to our long term activities in various specific domains. Our confidence in providing excellent services is also a demonstration of our qualification recognized and appraised by our clients.  The other services are:

  • Exam the authenticity of documents copies
  • Arrange notarization for documents
  • Offer suggestion in choosing financial software
  • Coordinate with IT professionals to design a tailor-made software which fits for specific request of clients such as stocks, fixed assets, salary and other internal management system
  • Lawsuit support
  • Asset protection
  • Bankrupt consulting