Consulting services

  • Consulting services

With our expertise, experiences and professional personnel, we offer a wide range of services in business consulting to investors in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

We provide our services with guaranteed quality and efficiency with which our clients will gain a competitive performance and profit.

  • Evaluation of operational performance (sales and marketing, communication, finance and human resources etc.)
  • Suggestions and solutions to improve efficiency
  • Employee training plans
  • Planning, development and practice
  • Storage management and control system
  • Cost management system
  • Financial management system


  • Company budget and strategy

Financial budget and forecasting are essential parts of any business. If clients are at initial stage of starting a new business or a project of which you should be certain to earn enough profit and returns. Then the financial budget and market prediction will help you to carry out and develop the business.

Budgeting is an excellent method to test efficiency and generate profit. Once the business has been getting on the right track, budgeting will still be an essential part of the company’s strategy and internal control method. Comparing the result of regular and prudent estimation with actual results will help client to discern critical problem.

Based on financial budget, we can always achieve our assignment to help clients to predict your financial situation, assess credit requirement, trace cash flow and evaluate usage, in the end to give suggestions.

  • Sales budget
  • Production budget ( quantity and unit price)
  • Expense budget (sales and administration)
  • Profit budget of operation and different departments
  • Prediction and budget of cash flow


  • Internal regulation for employees

In Hong Kong, employees are under protection of various legislations and every company shall submit relative documents and information when a new employee is hired.

All employers in Hong Kong shall buy social insurance for their employee who will then be covered by compensation from insurance in case of accident or damage at work. As per legislation in Hong Kong, employer shall buy working insurance whose premium shall depend on the risk level of the work.

MPF is important for every employer and employee in Hong Kong. Every employer shall set up a MPF project. Non Hong Kong residence or self-employed or employee who has been covered elsewhere with similar insurance could be exempted from MPF in Hong Kong.

Usually between April and May, employer shall fill in an Employer Return and submit it to Inland Revenue Department. All payment and bonus shall be indicated clearly in the form and for those who fail to do so, penalty will occur.

We offer continuous and constant professional services and advices, please feel at ease to contact us for further inquiry.

  • Evaluation of business and company

Based on confidentiality policy, we offer evaluation services for business and we could discuss critical documents with managing persons, person in charge and professional consultant. In business evaluation, our clients are usually those medium size enterprises. Our first step is to get to know your operation model so as to understand the core value of the business. We will work closely with clients to meticulously analyze financial data so as to offer our own professional suggestions.

Business valuation is not an absolute science however it’s done based on relative resource, solid experience and sound judgment. As a result, you will need professional personnel who have corresponding profile to carry out this assignment.

  • Purchase or sell personal business or property
  • Discussion with the management persons for unsolved transactions
  • Management level concerning purchase and sales
  • Credit loans discussion with banks
  • Financial and company restructuration
  • Analyze and discuss purchasing project and make suggestions


  • Internal control of fraud

K S Yu & Co CPA (Practising) has solid experiences in internal controls. We have complete set of knowledge in legislation, audit and examination policies to take care of your cases. Our accountants will not be looking only on numbers but investigating in all aspects. They will not stop when finding fraud or illegal activities but continue to investigate to discover the cause of the crime.

We perform the following activities with diligence, perseverance and professionalism:

  • Retrieve and trace assets
  • Insurance investigation
  • Fraud investigation
  • Investigate and prepare statement of negligence and mistake
  • Assist to discover fraud
  • Debt collection

Internal control system management and consulting

We will examine the structure of internal control system which will help us to find where the risk lies. We will then design a tailor-made test for a detailed examination. Our examination includes information collection and analysis. In the comment, we will describe with details procedure and the operation, then we will prepare a final report which will include our suggestions.



  • Salary services

Employees are key factors for all business operations, hence a company shall maintain an accurate, confidential and fully operational salary system which shall also be effective in tax management. Salary for contracted employees will increase a company’s working efficiency and reduce managing cost and time.

Services include:

  • Employees record
  • Salary for managing level and tax policies
  • Monthly or annual salary
  • Salary cost calculation and financial software
  • Prepare and submit all tax forms and arrange payment
  • Calculation for MPF
  • Offer employee with tax calculation and other suggestions